Vision Statement
A society inclusive of people with mental illness that empowers them to live independent, healthy, and sustainable lives.

Mission Statement

To provide an environment that safeguards potential and supports growth and development
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Recovery: taking the first step

Mental illness often has no visible manifestations and, therefore, may go unnoticed. Experiencing a mental illness may be isolating, sometimes feel frightening or embarrassing and may seem overwhelming. Whether you have a mental illness, or are someone with a loved one who has a mental illness, you need to know that experiencing a mental illness is not the end of the road and that recovery is possible. At Capital Mental Health Association, we know that it is possible to have a mental illness and still lead a life that is fulfilling, with the capacity to work, enjoy recreational activities, volunteer, develop relationships and be an active member of your community.

We believe that each person who experiences mental illness has the capacity to move forward, to learn and grow, and that even the smallest steps towards recovery can achieve an improved quality of life. We understand that sometimes it can feel impossible to take those next steps, big or small, on your own, so we are here to help.


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Recreation, Employment, Education, Housing.

Capital Mental Health Association offers a variety of programs and opportunities for adults aged 18 and above who are experiencing a mental illness. Our services are designed to promote hope and recovery and offer people experiencing a mental illness the supports needed to achieve success in their life. At CMHA each person is treated as an individual, and we listen to your choices and encourage you to take risks. We have a variety of recreation and wellness programs for different ages, abilities and mental health concerns, and a Supported Employment and Education Coach Program. Along with our programs we offer subsidized housing that includes four apartment buildings and three group homes. We also provide mental health support services to over 100 people living in rental suites in the community.


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