At CMHA our experience has shown us that people with a mental illness can participate fully in taking training or any kind of education and for many a return to school can be an important part of the process of recovery. We have seen many people undertake some kind of study successfully, whether that is taking a degree, improving literacy, or undertaking specific, job related training. Education can be an exciting, rewarding experience, but, when you have a mental illness, it can seem like a distant dream, and getting there an overwhelming, uphill battle.

That’s where we can help with our Education Coach Program. We have two Coaches who will work with you to offer practical support to ensure you achieve your goal. We offer advice on navigating the educational system, from grants and bursaries, exploring courses, finding your way around the campus and connecting you to the resources you need to be successful . We will problem solve with you in terms of managing your mental illness whilst taking a course, connect you with disability services, assist you with seeking accommodations if needed, and just be a listening ear when things get tough.

Our coaches work at various times throughout the day and can meet with you on campus, at our Skinner Street building, even a coffee shop if there is a private space to talk. Some people meet with a coach just once for some information, others receive support throughout the time they are in education. If you are thinking about some kind of schooling, come and talk to us, we can help.

Criteria for admission

  • Diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Be connected with the health system
  • Wish to pursue an educational course or upgrading

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